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Choosing a Paver

Choosing a paving stone does not have to be difficult. Yes, there are many different pavers with many looks, such as textured, tumbled, antiqued, cobblestone, and even those that look like flagstone. There are a number of colors and patterns that you can also choose from. We will walk you through the selection process to help you choose the paver that expresses your vision, your taste, and your outside decor, and you will love the final, beautiful result.

Choosing a Paver Sacramento, CA LR Landscaping and Pavers represents all the major paving stone manufacturers, including Basalite, Belgard, Pavestone and Calstone. These 4 companies all have northern California plants. When you call us for a free estimate, we will bring catalogs for you. We will also give you a list of local jobs nearby that you can go and look at. We can also send you to see paver displays where you can see more paver styles and patterns installed, in the ground. We promise to make the process fun, and rewarding, and always without sales pressure of any kind. You may click the links below to view their individual websites:

Choosing the appropriate pavers is crucial for outdoor hardscaping projects. Choosing the ideal paver for your project might be difficult because they come in many different materials, sizes, colors, and textures.

How to Choose Pavers

This is a guide from the LR Landscaping & Pavers experts that will help you select the right paver for your project.

  • Thinking about where your project will be located is the first step. Different pavers work better in various settings. For instance, concrete pavers are perfect for a driveway or pool deck, while natural stone pavers are an excellent option for a patio or pathway.

  • The next step is to consider the project's style. Are you trying for a more contemporary, slick appearance or a more natural, rustic vibe? Your choice of paver will significantly influence how your project looks overall. For a conventional, classic aesthetic, brick pavers are ideal, while flagstone pavers are fantastic for a natural, organic look.

  • The final stage is to take the pavers' resilience into account. Pavers should resist weather, foot traffic, and other forms of wear and tear. While concrete pavers are low maintenance but may not last as long as natural stone, natural stone pavers are more durable but may require more maintenance.

  • The fourth step is to consider the paver's color. Your chosen color might affect your project's atmosphere and tone. Darker bricks provide a more personal, warm feeling, while lighter pavers can make a small area appear more open and spacious.

  • The pavers' size and shape are considered in the fifth stage. Pavers are available in various dimensions and forms, including squares, rectangles, and circles. The size and form you select may impact your project's overall style and layout.

  • The cost of the pavers is considered and can vary significantly based on the kind, size, and quality. When selecting pavers for your project, it's critical to consider your budget.

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